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Special Chicken Gravy

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An easy gravy recipe for an afternoon lunch


Tired of sitting at home and in mood to cook something new? Here is a quick recipe for something that can go both with Roti or Rice.


Chicken – 300 Gms

Curd – 3 Tablespoons

Cashews – 6 to 8

Onion – 1 (medium sized)

Tomato – 1 (medium sized)

Garlic – 5 buds

Ginger – 2 inch

Cumin powder, Coriander Powder, Garam Masala, , Turmeric – 1 Teaspoon each

Milk – 1/4 cup

1 Bay leaf, 5 cloves and 2 inch cinnamon stick

Red Chili Powder and Salt – As per your taste

Oil/Ghee – 2 Tablespoon


Marinate the Chicken in curd, a pinch each of salt, turmeric and chili powder. Longer the marination the better. Also soak the cashews in milk.

In a pan, heat 1 tablespoon of ghee and fry the chopped onion and tomato, crushed garlic buds and chopped ginger. Let it cool down. Once it is cooler, grind it with soaked cashews. Instead of using water for grinding, make use of the cashew soaked milk. Make a fine paste.

Once again, heat a spoon of oil. Activate a couple of bay-leaf, cloves and cinnamon. Add the finely ground the masala, a teaspoon each of cumin powder and coriander powder and half teaspoon of garam masala powder. Depending on your taste add 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of red chili powder. Mix well and cook until the raw smell is gone. When the masala starts to leave the edges, add the marinated chicken. Mix well. Cook on medium-low flame for 20 minutes, or until done.

Enjoy the thick gravy with Chapati, Roti or Rice, with a wedge of lemon by the side.

P.S: You can use the same recipe for a veg preparation. Replace chicken with baby potatoes/cube cut potatoes, paneer and green-peas (Yes, I would still recommend marination)

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